Our goal has always been to stock a range of goods that are different, something your friends and family will admire and are unlikely to have seen before. In striving to do this we have developed strong relationships with over 70 UK and international suppliers. Listed below are some of our favourites.


Maison Berger is for anyone who cares about the air they breath, wants to eliminate unwanted smells and would like to add a personal touch to their home with a fragranced atmosphere and a decorative item that matches their style. With an incredible variety of types, shapes, materials and styles; the collection of lamps has something to offer for everyone.
With 120 years experience, Maison Berger stands out as a remarkable brand in the domain of home fragrances, bringing you 3 brands: Lampe Berger, Bouquet Berger and Aroma Berger.


Handmade in Canada since 1994, Memory Blocks are the original collectable wall plaques. Interactive and timeless, the collection captures pieces of history as tangible, enchanting collectable art for modern life.
Created using hydrostone plaster, the plaques can be stand-alone statement art or you can use your own creativity to build a personalised piece of art.  As the UK’s main retailer, and one of the leading retailers globally, we know a thing or two about Memory Blocks and are always happy to help you build your collection.


Based near Toulouse in France, Caroline and Stéphane Davoy use their talent and know-how to bring together the most extraordinary and lavish range of furniture and home accessories available in Europe. After several years searching the world’s antique markets for original pieces, they developed a common passion for interior design, bargain-hunting and restoration, with the aim of presenting to you a unique collection, inspired by the styles of the 18th and 19th centuries, rejuvenated and embellished with spices creating a lasting perfume from somewhere else.


Libra is one of the most established names in the home interiors and giftware industry.
For over four decades Libra has been supplying beautiful furniture, decorative accessories, lighting and giftware to create a unique, distinctive collection which simply cannot be found elsewhere
We stock Libra products because they offer a fresh outlook on the furniture and home accessories market.
With over 40 years’ experience, Libra’s style has evolved over the years, but their passion for handcrafted products of premium quality, comfort and style lives on.


Culinary Concepts was started over 15 years ago by founders James Denton and Kate Jerome. Their mission was and remains to this day, to create a company that specialises in designing innovative items for the tabletop and home – not only beautiful, but functional and affordable. 1999 saw the exciting launch of the brand at the Ideal Home Show, London and a platform to provide customers with high quality affordable stylish cutlery. Since then, they have acquired a reputation as a leading designer and supplier of stainless steel cutlery, table and homewares, design-led gifts and lanterns. Every season they launch more and more on-trend, creative collections and because of this, Culinary Concepts are proud to be leading the way in contemporary tableware.


Based on a concept inspired by nature, the blacksmiths at Belltrees Forge create innovative ironwork quite different from the norm. Our exquisite ranges of lighting, accessories and furniture are hand crafted in our traditional forge, using well proven skills handed down through many generations. No two pieces are identical and it is this, combined with the artistic quality of Jonathan Eadie’s designs, which give special uniqueness to the products from Belltrees Forge. The age-old blacksmithing techniques that are used in every piece, involve heating the metal in the fire then hammering and twisting the white-hot steel to form the most eye-catching, contemporary designs. Finally, each piece is highly polished to accentuate the natural textures of the steel and then coated in a light protective lacquer.


Edwin Jagger Limited is a global leader in wet shaving and grooming product manufacture. For over two decades Edwin Jagger has set the standard for impeccable male grooming. Established in 1988, a family owned and run business where innovation and inspired design go hand in hand. Edwin Jagger exemplifies traditional English quality and style combining it with state of the art design, up to the minute manufacturing techniques and the heritage of long established Sheffield craftsman skills.


Richard Cooper & Company work with UK sculptors and designers to create stunning and unique foundry bronze and quality bronze resin sculptures.

The main Art in Bronze collection sees their sculptures limited to editions as low as 25 pieces for large works and up to 250 for smaller designs. These bronzes are produced using the lost wax method. Each bronze is decorated and finished using the traditional method of patination and comes beautifully boxed with a certificate of authenticity.

We hold a small range of the Richard Cooper bronze resin sculptures in store and we are also happy to order in specific pieces for you.  You can visit our supplier’s website by clicking on the button below where you can see the full range and benefit from the 5% discount on the prices detailed. Items that are ordered in will require a 50% deposit.