Very occasionally, we are asked to buy memory blocks from collectors.  This gives us the opportunity to discover some rare and sought after gems.  It also allows our customers to temporarily complete their displays with discounted, slightly damaged plaques, which can be replaced later as new Memory Blocks are release*.

This page details the pre-loved Memory Blocks we have available. The illustration is the official image of the plaque, it is not a photograph of the specific Memory Block we have in stock.  If the plaque has any damage that we are aware of, this is detailed  with it’s description.

If you have any Memory Blocks that you are considering selling, please contact us.  We do point out though that, if you are prepared to wait for a buyer, you are likely to be offered a better price if you list your Memory Block on a collectors’ forum or online auction site.  The service we offer is simply to make your life easier.

* If you do buy a damaged Memory Block from us and later decide to replace it at a later date, buy the replacement from us and we will buy back the damaged plaque.  We do however need to apply a 50% discount to the purchase price of the damaged plaque.


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